• KiwiEFI K44 ECU

The KiwiEFI K44 is a Speeduino 0.4 compatible ECU using the Mega2560, it uses the Speeduino open source firmware and being 100% compatible with the official hardware version 0.4 it will be able to use all future firmware upgrades written for the 0.4 board.

* Includes Mating Harness Connectors and Terminals

KiwiEFI K44 Specifications

  • compact case with 48-pin connector

  • 4 injector channels with internal diagnostic LEDs, (full sequential on up to 4cyl semisequential on up to 8cyl)

  • 4 Ignition outputs with internal diagnostic LEDs

  • CLT, IAT, TPS and O2 inputs

  • Inbuilt Hall Effect Sensor blocking diodes and pullups for crank and Cam inputs

  • Socket for VR conditioner on crank and cam inputs

  • Inbuilt Baro sensor

  • External MAP sensor as standard with internal Map sensor available as a optional extra.

  • Socket for DRV8825 stepper module (stepper idle valve control)

  • 8 medium-current outputs for Fuel pump relay, Fan relay, Boost control, VVT1, VVT2, Idle1, Idle2, Tach + the 4 stepper module outputs.

  • Clutch switch digital input.

  • Flex fuel digital input.

  • 2 spare unassigned digital inputs.

  • 2 spare unassigned analog inputs.

  • Speeduino v0.4 board compatible pin definition, select as board type V0.4 in Tuner Studio

  • 2x Serial output, Logic level (Ser0) for Bluetooth on internal connector and RS232 level driver on Secondary Serial (Ser3) TXD and RXD on ecu connector for sending data to dashes etc.


    We do not own Speeduino, we make ECUs to run the Speeduino firmware to help users who wish to get involved with Speeduino who may not wish to build their own ecu.

    Speeduino is a standalone open source ECU project aimed at the DIY type person who would usually install and tune it themselves, giving an extremely cost effective way to run their engine.


    Please keep in mind that being an open source project you will need some diy skills to use it.  If you are looking for a polished product, to have professionally installed and tuned, with strong dedicated support, you may wish to consider other options.


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